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Are you ready to create unforgettable moments? The Luuk Broos Events team has been on a mission to break world records for building champagne glass pyramids for years, and our success in Dubai in 2021 is just the latest achievement in the record-breaking streak. Breaking the record for the sixth time, our team managed to build a pyramid consisting of an incredible 54,740 champagne glasses. This even resulted in a potential reach of 598 million people!

Therefore, we want to break the record once again. And this time, perhaps with your organization? The perfect centerpiece for a spectacular event! Building a champagne pyramid is not easy and requires quality, precision, and patience. Our team works very accurately to ensure that each glass is in the right place. A true visual spectacle.

When setting the record in Germany we even used a return on investment model with large benefits for the organization. Furthermore, we provide marketing advice and help you to gain worldwide publicity. We always work closely with our clients to create an impressive display surrounding the pyramid.

Not interested in setting a record but still want a champagne pyramid? That’s possible too! In addition to large pyramids, we also specialize in constructing smaller towers starting from 5,000 glasses. Inquire about the possibilities.


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